If your a maker looking to sell your wares, You've reached the right page

This site uses a Commission based sales method

I try to make this simple and to the point, I make a site where the seller/Maker (You). Doesn't have to think about marketing or learning how to build a website, make it so its ecommerce capable or figure out SEO to draw attention to your product. You make it, craft it, kiln it or hammer it with a mallet. I will take care of the digital sale's side. All I ask in return is that you have a post office nearby so that you can ship your product. Once the product is sold I will notify you with an address to send your products too. I will need you to send me a tracking number for your item so that I may see when it gets delivered. At reciept of the shipment I can send you your money. I only ask for 5% commission for the sales of your product. It helps me pay for the work I provide and the services I need to maintain so that you have a place to sell your stuff..

Please read completely below before filling out
"Request Seller Services"
Agreement of Services provided, required info for listing
  1. Seller provides total items available for sale is at least:

    1. 10 minimum for items that are at least $50 or more

    2. 50 minimum for items that are at least $20 - $49

    3. 200+ for items that are at least $1 -$19

    Seller ensures to Javelin that it has all products packaged and prepared for immediate shipping upon receipt of address from Javelin of the purchaser. Seller will provide to Javelin the tracking number, for the monitoring of said items till the receipt to purchaser.

    1. Please ensure to the following guidelines before Packaging and shipping ordered content:16 C.F.R. Part 500

      1. Fair Packaging and Labeling Act (link is external)Part 500: Regulations Under Section 4 of the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act.

      2. § 1453. Requirements of labeling; placement, form, and contents of statement of quantity; supplemental statement of quantity

  2. The Resale from Javelin Marketing, Seller allows Javelin Marketing to set price of submitted item if it is felt that cost could be modified, Seller must give parameters of minimum cost excepted by purchasers expecting the 5% takin out from each sale for Javelins Fee(Cost of Doing Business)

  3. Upon purchasers receipt of item, Javelin releases payment to Seller minus 5% of the total cost of item sold

  4. If seller agrees to these simple terms, then when submitting request of sale in the "Request Seller Services" below. On the first line Please write "Maker Request"

  5. If you write "Maker Request" then you agree to previous said statements 1-5 as a binding agreement.

    You may then write what your item is for sale and I will return your inquiry as soon as possible to communicate all the necessary info for placing your item on this sites store

Thank you so much for considering Javelin to be your online representative


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